‘Message in a Bottle’~ 700 packs for delivery


Lisburn PSNI are launching a scheme urging vulnerable people to keep their vital medical information 
‘bottled up’.

The ‘Message in a Bottle’ scheme encourages people to keep basic personal information and details of their medical conditions and medications in a small bottle in 
their fridge.

The bottle is supplemented with an advisory sticker placed prominently somewhere else in 
the house.

Crime Prevention Officer in Lisburn PSNI Michael Green explains the significance of the scheme.

“For emergency services responding to an incident where a person is unconscious or incapacitated, it is essential that they are able to obtain information about what conditions or allergies the person may have or medication they take prior to commencing treatment,” he said.

“This scheme means that emergency personnel entering a household are immediately alerted by the sticker and, with the bottle, can get access to the information they need easily allowing them to give appropriate, safe treatment quickly, saving time and potentially 
saving lives.”