McIntyre calls for speed limit reduction in built up areas

An Alliance representative has called for the speed limit in local estates to be reduced.

Aaron McIntyre, an Alliance Downshire East representative was talking about the problem of speeding in developments such as Hillhall.

He said a group of residents at Hillhall Gardens had campaigned for speed ramps to be put in place but Roads Service claimed that Hillhall did not meet the criteria for speed ramps.

Mr McIntyre said, “I believe that if enough local people were supportive, it would be sensible to try reducing the speed limit in built up and residential areas in the Lisburn district, such as Hillhall, for a trial period.

He said, “If the accident results improved, then this would send a clear message to Stormont to introduce the necessary legislation to make 20mph speed limits the norm in built up areas.”

Extensive research, he claimed, has proven that reducing the speed limit in built up areas improves road safety. NI Direct claims a child hit by a vehicle travelling at 20mph has a better chance of survival, compared to 50% chance at 30mph.