McCrea gets set for disciplinary hearing

LAGAN Valley’s only Ulster Unionist MLA, Basil McCrea, is due to face a disciplinary hearing today (Friday.)

The hearing was rearranged when Mr McCrea was unable to attend an earlier meeting due to a family commitment.

The action was taken against Mr McCrea after Party Leader Mike Nesbitt withdrew the Party whip when Mr McCrea spoke out against the Party stance on the ongoing flag issue in Belfast.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Mr McCrea said he had the support of his local association, as well as that of many members of the public.

“On Friday I will face disciplinary proceedings brought, as I understand it, by one single branch from another constituency,” said Mr McCrea.

“I am confident that I will be able to demonstrate that the complaint was unfounded and that I have acted within party policy.”

He went on to say: “I am grateful to the support shown to me by my local association and many other members of the public. It is unfortunate that this situation has developed in this way.”

Mr McCrea has spoken out publicly against his Party’s stance on the flag issue and said it is important the Party must work for a shared future in Northern Ireland by supporting the Belfast Agreement.

“I believe strongly in the Belfast Agreement which was negotiated by amongst others the UUP and I remain resolute in my belief that a shared future is a good future for all of us,” he continued.

“The Belfast Agreement should be defended by the UUP and by everybody that wants to see a peaceful and prosperous future for Northern Ireland,” concluded Mr McCrea.