Man’s fall in city prompts calls for more safety measures during public realm works

Haslem's Lane. US1422-527cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Haslem's Lane. US1422-527cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

A good Samaritan who helped an elderly man after he fell in the city close to where public realm works were being carried out says something must be done to prevent others from being involved in similar incidents.

Last Thursday the Red Cross trained lady came to the aid of the man who she says fell in Haslems Lane where makeshift walkways had been put in place.

The lady explained that the man slipped and banged his head as he fell to the ground and an ambulance was called.

“The man banged his head on a wall as he fell,” she said. “He had a walking stick,” the lady added.

“He was taken to hospital by an ambulance as it looked like he needed stitches and he was badly shaken up.

“Something needs to be done as even one of the work men who came down after he was informed of the incident, fell. It is absolutely ridiculous,” she added.

A spokesperson for Lisburn City Council explained that the Council’s Main Contractor is responsible for health and safety at the public realm works in Lisburn City Centre.

They said: “A professional team also has a supervisory role in terms of health and safety, and provides advice to the contractor (and instructions were appropriate) on behalf of the Council.”

The spokesperson continued: “The Council can also confirm that all the newly laid surfaces are put through a series of tests for slip resistance (in both wet and dry conditions) and have achieved well above the required levels and that it has worked continuously with relevant agencies throughout this project.

“The Council is unable to publicly comment on individual reported incidents.”