Lund calls for public meeting in Moira

A local political activist, John Lund, has called for a public meeting to sort out the traffic problems in Moira.

He claimed the village was fast reaching what he described as ‘crisis level.’

“This matter needs a public meeting to sort out,” he said. “How many houses have been built in Moira in the last 30 years, how much has the population and car ownership increased?

“These are all factors to be put into the equation. The village is now approaching crisis level with its traffic flow overloads and this will affect the traders on Main Street particularly badly.

“Are there any measurement levels and what is the policy?

“The Main Street is currently a parking lane on one side with a vwide pavement, this creates problems as the Ultra Heavy Goods vehicles fill all the available space making it exceedingly problematical for people to open their car doors and safely exit.”