Puppy’s death spurs ‘get-tough’ petition plans

The little puppy that was bought from Nutts Corner market sadly passed away

The little puppy that was bought from Nutts Corner market sadly passed away

Animal-lovers outraged by the death of a pup discovered by a shopper at Nutts Corner Market last month are planning an online petition calling for tougher legislation to be introduced.

The signed petition is expected to be presented to the Assembly in the hope that laws be made tougher to stamp out cruelty to animals and prevent them from being neglected and dying needlessly.

The pup that has sparked the petition, Saoirse (Freedom) was only 2kg when she was found at a stall last month. She was dirty, covered in urine, dehydrated and malnourished. The pup was found by a woman out shopping at Nutts Corner Market. The dog was among three other sick pups lying helplessly on a dirty tee-shirt on a freezing cold day in a plastic dog bed.

The woman who does not wish to be named, took Saoirse from its owner then wrapped her up in a jumper. She threatened to take the rest of the pups but was unable to do so. She then left with Saoirse and reported the seller to security and other authorities.

When she arrived at the vets they found Saoirse’s eye was also badly infected and ulcerated. She was put on morphine and a drip and all efforts were made to save her. Unfortunately, Saoirse died last week.

“When the vet saw the dog he said that he had never seen a dog in such bad condition,” said the woman. “The man was selling the pups for £50 and I asked him how he could sell them when they were so sick. People like that should not own animals. The man has not been found since he left the market. Since this we have been contacted by the German Shepherd Rehoming group who want to start a petition calling for tougher laws.

“The legislation as it stands are animals need water, food and shelter, but the laws need to be tougher - it should be that the water needs to be clean water in a clean bowl etc.”




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