‘Parking powers should be devolved’

Ulster Unionist Culcavy Council Candidate Alexander Redpath has called for control of parking charges to be devolved to Lisburn City Council.

Such a move could see control of seven car parks with 681 parking spaces passing to the Council. Speaking on the proposal Alexander Redpath commented; “Under the reform of local government control of parking charges is due to pass to local councils in April 2015. However Ulster Unionist Transport Minister Danny Kennedy has already passed over control of parking charges in Ballyclare to Newtownabbey Council. This successful trial allowed Newtownabbey Council to adopt its new powers nearly two years early. I want to see Lisburn do the same. The Minister has put no preconditions on adopting these powers. He simply wants councils that are interested to approach him and a deal can be struck.”

Mr Redpath continued: “I believe in local democracy accountable to local people. If Lisburn Council took over control of these powers early the people could judge their performance in time for the 2014 elections. Parking is one of Lisburn’s biggest issues and I am keen to see this area of policy passed to local politicians.”




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