Magennis condemns pipe bomb attack in Hannahstown

Chairperson of the Lisburn Policing and Community Safety Partnership, councillor Stephen Maginess has condemned a pipe bomb attack at a housing estate in Hannahstown during the week.

The pipe bomb was found in a garden in Glenmeen Close around 11am on Monday, but later defused.

A number of homes were evacuated during the security alert and the road was closed for several hours while Army bomb disposal officers examined the device. The pipe bomb was made safe and taken away for further examination.

Mr Maginess said, “This device was designed to kill, maim and cause as much disruption as possible. Luckily, and thankfully it didn’t happen this time.

“Those behind this are trying to bring us back to the dark days. These people have no support and need to listen to their community who are asking them to desist from such actions and get off the backs of the community. The community need to stand together and make their voices heard. They need to send out the message that these incidents are a thing of past and should stop.”




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