Flash mob drama at Lisnagarvey High

Pupils sneak about the school

Pupils sneak about the school

Staff at Lisnagarvey High School were left shocked recently thanks to a surprise flash mob.

Year 10 drama students stormed classrooms to reciting Shakespearean verse wearing moustaches.

They were inspired by their PGCE student English teacher Victoria Thompson. who was on placement from Queen’s University.

She went to great lengths to organise the flash mob.

English teacher Miss Burnett was enjoying a pleasant Friday lesson when two of her students began behaving oddly

“First they glanced around the room nervously, and then proceeded to attach Shakespearean moustaches to their faces,” explained Miss Burnett.

“ It wasn’t long before they were shouting loudly at one another in Old English.

“One pupil said:’Thou clouted clay-brained bum-bailey,’ while another replied with: ‘Thou logger headed half-faced hedge-pig.’

“Suddenly, half the class were up in arms flinging Shakespearean insults toward each other.

“I wasn’t really sure what was going on, I was a little bit confused to say the least.”

The highlight of the day was a Shakespearean fight in the playground in which two rival groups squared up to one another.

The pop-up performance was a great success with one pupil commenting: “I had a wonderful time planning the performance in secret and surprising everyone.

“I’ve never been in a Drama Club before and I was amazed by how many great people I got to meet through Shakespeare.”




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