Couple get keys to home at Ballantine

One couple were handed over keys to the first home for the elderly in Ballantine Garden Village near the Hillhall Road in Lisburn.

This first handover this month, forms the showpiece for the forthcoming Pavilions model, an exciting and accessible new model for elderly care.

The model is designed by WJ Law, a family-owned business with over 100 years’ experience of designing homes and building communities.

The model is founded on the principle where an older person may move in and be looked after whilst paying a rent for their own home, providing an alternative to the traditional care home setting.

The Pavilions utilise ‘Connected Health’ for better health management and security, with features including a 24 hour concierge service and the smart technology within each individual home.

The concierge service is designed to coordinate the care needs of each resident, arrange for domiciliary care be that private or state provided.

Elderly residents will have a range of funding streams and entitlements which may be coordinated by the concierge.

The model also utilises smart technology, with features such as the Pavilions App which allows relatives to log on and ensure that their loved ones are secure and healthy.

The model is designed to provide an upmarket but accessible alternative to the care home environment and is situated within the wider Ballantine Garden Village scheme which incorporates 450 homes, shops, offices and other key facilities.

Recognising the benefits of a mixed age community, Ballantine Village Garden has a wide range of different ages living in the community; something they value and promote.

Ballantine Village Garden Village, is a vibrant and architecturally striking place to live, that includes shops, a crèche, doctors’ surgery, chemist and coffee shop, everything that one would need for retirement living within easy walking distance.

The retirement cottages and retirement clusters developed by WJ Law are an integral part of this vibrant community.

Buyers may adapt homes from the WJ Law range to be ‘future proof’ and also offers a choice of distinctive ‘Pied-á-Terre’ or ‘Pavilions’ apartments for the retired or the delightful Retirement Cottages, designed for adaptation for future ground floor living with the facility for a relative or carer to live upstairs.




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