Concern over increase in thefts leading up to Christmas period

Concerns have been expressed about an increase in thefts coming up to the festive period.

One recent incident was the theft of a handbag from a car parked in a rural church car park at the weekend.

The owner of the car was there to collect her child on Saturday, who as a member of the Ballycarrickmaddy Primary School Choir was singing at a Senior Citizens Dinner.

Speaking about the incident, Alderman William Leathem said: “It is very sad to hear of people losing their property to thieves at any time but it is beyond belief that an opportune thief stole from a car in a church car park.

“The lady concerned was being a kind, considerate parent and supporting her child who had willingly given up time on a Saturday afternoon to sing to a group of senior citizens. To have a handbag with address details, bank cards etc stolen in the run up to the festive period is very stressful and my thoughts are with this family as I understand the young child was also very upset by the incident.”

“I would encourage everyone to be vigilant as Christmas approaches,” he added.




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