A seasonal ‘light’ reminder

Christmas is a time when many of us can enjoy decorating our homes especially if we have children or young visitors calling over this holiday period.

Unfortunately the way we decorate our homes with lights etc can on occasions be increasing our risk of home accidents from trips, falls and even house fires.

You can do the following at home to keep yourself, your family and anyone else visiting your home safe during this holiday season:

1. Ensure all Christmas tree lights have a “CE” mark.

2. Check for broken bulbs and damaged wires and if in doubt throw them out - tree lights can be purchased for as little as £5 in reputable shops.

3. Don’t risk overloading any sockets, double adaptors or extension leads, as this can greatly increase the risk of fire in the home.

4. Remember to always turn off Christmas tree lights and other decorative lights at bedtime as part of your bedtime safety routine in the home.

5. Never use indoor lights outside -always read instructions.

6. Ensure your tree does not cause an obstruction or a tripping hazard.

7. Never put candles on a tree.

8. Keep your tree out of the way of children.

9. Keep your tree away from any open fires.

If burning candles keep them out of reach of small children and ensure any lit candles are set on non-flammable dishes so as to reduce the risk of fire.

Never leave candles unsupervised even if it’s just for a short period of time.




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