Lit bonfire topples over into crowd

The Ballymacash bonfire as it topples over.
The Ballymacash bonfire as it topples over.

Canadian holidaymakers who were visiting friends in Lisburn say they were left traumatised after an Eleventh Night celebration in Ballymacash.

They described the experience where they witnessed the large well lit bonfire at the green, toppling over into a crowd of onlookers in Ballymacash as an ‘unforgettable’ experience.

They claimed that it was just sheer luck that no-one was seriously injured and claimed that the area was left trashed following the all night celebrations.

“Nothing prepared us for the bonfire celebrations there,” said the 
Canadian family.

”After the fire was lit one half of it collapsed sending families running screaming to get out of the way.

“Someone could easily have been burnt alive. There then followed earth shattering, thumping music that was no way related to the 12th July or its heritage.”

They claimed that their visit to Lisburn was an eye opener as the community were left tired, irritated and helpless as celebrations continued through the night.

“Every room of the house vibrated with this thumping music,” the holiday makers claimed.

“Residents around us were tired, irritated and helpless watching their area being treated with such disrespect. “No-one objects to a bonfire to celebrate the July 12 but what happened afterwards was way out of control. It was 3.30am before the loud music eventually stopped.”

He claimed that by 7am the entrance at Rathvarna Park and Rathvarna Drive was just a sea of broken glass.

“There were bodies of young lads still lying on the green too drunk to stand up,” they claimed.

“One lady had vomit in her porch and all over her garden path. Another lady had her garden used as a toilet. Beer cans and broken bottles littered the area as one by one each neighbour appeared with brushes and plastic bags.

“No other areas in the world would tolerate such mindless disrespect for their neighbours homes.

“Our 12th July celebrations were completely ruined as our family were so tired and probably traumatised by the previous nights so called Cultural Night.”