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The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust recently hosted an annual Walk Leader Networking Event at Hillsborough.

The event, organised by Wendy McDowell, Community Health Development Worker and Walking for Health Lead, was held to thank all the volunteers for their continued hard work and loyalty throughout the year

Following a health walk around Hillsborough Forest Park, the group met up in Hillsborough Presbyterian Church Hall, where they heard informative presentations from Lisburn in Focus, Joan Scott the Trust’s Carer’s Development Officer and where the group members were able to share valuable information to all the Walk Leaders.

Muriel, a Walk Leader from Moira Friendship Group spoke about the 50+ group activities, and how this large group organises their health walks, from route planning and risk assessment to encouraging walkers to step up a gear.

The speakers brought to life the reality of how walking not only benefits physical health, but mental and social benefits too.

Wendy McDowell highlighted the Department of Health’s physical activity guidelines for adults, which aims for at least 150 minutes (2½ hours) of moderate intensity activity in bouts of 10 minutes or more.

Wendy described moderate intensity as a brisk walk, whereby your heart should be beating a little faster, you are breathing a little faster, you feel a bit warmer and you should feel comfortable talking while walking.

Wendy thanked the Walk Leaders and guest speakers for making the day such a success, and encouraged everyone to ‘keep walking’.

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