Fitness fans get a wake-up call at Wallace Park

Get fir for summer with an outdoor bootcamp.

Get fir for summer with an outdoor bootcamp.

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While most people are sleeping soundly at 6.15am, a group of ladies and men are getting fit in Wallace Park.

Under the direction of personal trainer Irene McCaffrey, owner of Impact Fitness Bootcamp, the 20 brave woman and men are being put through their paces to help them tone up and slim down in time for the summer.

Irene’s Impact Fitness Bootcamp takes places in Wallace Park twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday morning. Irene said: “Bootcamp is intense training and most people sign up to get fit and lose weight.

“Everyone is given a ‘clean’ eating plan, which is part of the bootcamp programme, and will be given constant support by Irene. the average weight loss for the four weeks is usually around 7 to 14 lbs.”

She continued: “The best time to train is early in the morning.

“We all struggle to find time to exercise. I know how a day can go – you have every great intention of exercising after work, but come 7pm you are already tired. Early in the morning you are never double booked, that is why it is easy to fit into your daily schedule.”

Irened added: “For many people their time outdoors consists of miniature walks from one closed space to another.

“People who train outdoors experience higher levels of post exercise endorphins. Fresh air is refreshing and invigorating.

The boot camp workout lasts 45 minutes finishing at 7am which leaves you plenty of time to get back home get ready for work. For details of the next outdoor bootcamp go to: or call Irene on 9261 1053.

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