UTV presenter Lynda Bryans who is Director of mental health charity 'Aware Defeat Depression', is asking every mum in Lisburn to think about the organisation's 'One in 10' Campaign following Mother's Day which took place last Sunday.

This aims to raise funds for the one in 10 women who experience post natal depression after the birth of a child.

Linda said women expected the birth of a baby to be 'a joyous occasion', but for many new mums it triggered the onset of a devastating illness which the Royal College of Midwives says is on the increase.

"Despite being common, post natal depression is still not sufficiently well understood by health professionals, so many new mums go untreated for their illness and this can have serious effects on themselves and their children," she continued.

"I hope that through this campaign, we can raise enough funds to supply all ante-natal clinics and GP surgeries, as well as all new mums, with our potentially life saving post natal information books.

"These describe the signs and symptoms of post natal depression in a clear and straightforward way, and help families and professionals alike to get the care needed for women to recover."

To raise funds for the campaign, Lynda is asking people to get together in groups of ten and arrange sponsored activities such as skipping, walking, slimming or swimming.

She also suggested fund raising by packing bags at a supermarket, holding a coffee morning or arranging a makeover day.

Sponsor forms and ideas for people wanting to take up a fundraising challenge are available from Alison Smyth on 028 9032 1734, e-mail