Life-changing weight loss for 
Dunmurry mum

Alex Boyce, after she lost the weight
Alex Boyce, after she lost the weight

A Dunmurry woman gained new found confidence and a career after she lost an amazing four and a half stone in weight thanks to Slimming World.

Three years ago Alex Boyce (41), from Seymour Hill a busy mum of two was so desperate to lose weight that she planned a gastric bypass.

However, just weeks before the planned operation she suffered a stroke.

When her doctor refused to allow her to go ahead with the operation she discovered a Slimming World leaflet and so her journey began.

Alex had been struggling with her weight since the birth of her son Daniel, in 2005.

Instead of eating meals she would eat biscuits, sandwiches, sausage rolls, ready meals, takeaways, crisps and sugary snacks.

In 2011 she was at her lowest ebb when she had to ask for an extension for her seatbelt on the aircraft. That, for her was the final straw.

Alex says, “I tried loads of different diets and nothing really worked so I made an appointment to go to my doctor and find out about gastric bypass surgery,

“I went through the process and booked my bypass for the end of the January 2012.

“Two weeks before Christmas, I was unwell and I went to the doctor complaining of tingling in my arms.

“He confirmed that I had suffered a mild stroke or TIA as it’s known - that was the the gastric band operation cancelled on doctors orders.”

A few days later she received a leaflet through her door advertising a new Slimming World group opening in Dunmurry Village. She plucked up the courage and joined.

“I was really nervous, but as soon as I reached the door, Heather, the Consultant made me feel very welcome and put me at ease straight away,” she said.

“She went through the eating plan in great detail and was delighted that I would never have to be hungry.

“I could still eat all my favourites, cooked breakfast, curries and even the odd glass of wine. I was told I could set my own target and that my weight would never be disclosed.

“That night I went home feeling very motivated and ready to get started on my journey, in my first week I lost 8.5lbs, I was amazed.

“Month by month the weight gradually came off, my confidence grew and with the help of my consultant, fellow members and my family my journey continued. For me the most important thing was staying to group and being involved in Image Therapy, the unique support and motivation within group really kept me focused and encouraged.”

It’s been over two years since Alex joined her local Slimming World group and she has almost reached her target of losing four and a half stone.

Alex is now embarking on a new career, becoming a consultant with Slimming World in Dunmurry Presbyterian Church from April 22. It runs every Tuesday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

For further information go to www.slimmingworld.comor call Alex on 07972 376550