Last orders on new photography project

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Lisburn photographer Stephen Wallace, who runs Hibernia Landscapes, is calling final orders on his latest project - to snap and document the history of local watering holes.

Stephen has been photographing pubs in the Lisburn area and is putting the finishing touches to a blog detailing the history of some of the city’s most well known establishments.

“My primary interest with photography is landscapes, but I’ve always had an interest in traditional pub interiors,” explained Stephen.

“I think Lisburn has a habit of being quite down on itself, particularly at the moment as we’re coming out of a tough recession, and with the nightlife of Belfast so nearby.

“Many don’t realise that the pubs we have in Lisburn are steeped in history and are very welcoming, especially in winter as most have fireplaces!.

“Lisburn used to have many pubs. At one time there were thirteen on Bow Street, eleven on Bridge Street and seven on Chapel Hill, which I found incredible.

“People I’ve spoken to are passionate about traditional pubs and it seems that no-one wants to lose this part of our heritage.

“I thought it was important to document and photograph the remaining pubs and help ensure that this history and heritage is known.

“Most of the pubs in Lisburn date from the 1800s. I found, during my research, that the history of each pub was absolutely fascinating.

“Along the way there were funny stories and there were tragic stories reflecting our turbulent past.

“However, I particularly enjoyed the story of Lavery’s on Chapel Hill in the 1950s, when men would ‘patrol’ the streets nearby waiting to be invited in for a Sunday drink.

“The men were invited in according to their ‘pecking order’ which was based on how well behaved they had been when drunk in the past.”

Stephen would like to thank all of the landlords and landladies who invited him in to capture their establishments.

“I couldn’t have done the project without the help of all of the landlords and landladies and I offer them my sincere thanks, and I really hope that they like what they see in the finished project.”

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