Kerry finds her love on ‘Take Me Out’

Kerry and Greig find true love
Kerry and Greig find true love

When Saintfield Road girl Kerry Beacom appeared on ITV’s dating show Take Me Out in 2011 she hoped to find love.

Now the 26-year-old’s dream has come true after she got engaged at Christmas - to another contestant from the series she met at an after show party.

Now Kerry, a veterinary student at Trinity College Dublin has set the date and plans to marry car salesman Greig Senior at the Clandeboye Lodge in April 2015.

The couple, met at the end of series three party. Kerry had been persuaded to take part in the hugely popular programme by a friend.

She was chosen out of 12,000 other wannabes. However when she was asked to take part in one show she was forced to drop out due to exam commitments.

Kerry soon forgot about the programme until she got yet another phone call from the producers asking her to take part in the last show of the series.

“I thought never in a million years would I ever get picked let alone be asked to take part in it twice,” said Kerry.

“When I had to let them down because of my exams I never gave it a second thought. “

When Kerry went onto the show she was almost afraid of getting picked.

“The guy was a model,” admitted Kerry.

“I just looked at his skinny jeans and ankles and knew that he was not for me.

“He used fake tan and had more hairspray than me. I am into sports and rugby with a farming background.

“There is a lot of pressure on how you are perceived on the show and it is really quite daunting. I just wanted to get back to university.

“The show is very tongue and cheek but good fun. Paddy McGuinness is the lovliest man. Filming lasts for five and a half hours and he is so energetic and lovely always asking how you are.”

Kerry’s fiance, chose a different girl, Jo from Devon when he was a contestant.

They went on their date to Cyprus but did not hit it off.

When series three was over, a party was arranged at a mansion for the contestants where Kerry and Greig met.

“We met in the kitchen and I just thought he was gorgeous and for me, it was really love at first sight,” she said.

It was not long before the pair moved in together and at Christmas Greig proposed while on holiday.

“It was a choice of getting engaged or going on holiday and I knew that we needed a holiday,” said Kerry.

“Greig asked me did I not mind that we did not get engaged. He then grabbed me and asked me to marry him.”

The proposal was not without its drama. Kerry lost her ring when the pair were out diving.

The pair spent hours trying to find the ring tand finally they gave up trying to find it.

“We thought there are worse things that could happen - as long as we have each other,” said Kerry. “Greig tells me every day how much he loves me and that is enough.”