Judge apologies for ‘foolish’ Neknominate behaviour

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Lisburn District Judge Rosemary Watters has apologised after she was filmed downing an alcoholic shot and saying ‘neck and nominate’.

Ms Watters, who has been described as being “young at heart”, has since said she would discourage anyone from taking part in the notorious ‘Neknominate’ drinking game.

The concept of the game has been described as “neck your drink, nominate another” person to do the same within 24 hours.

Participants post a video of themselves completing the challenge and nominate two of their friends to do the same.

The clip was taken at a family event and the 48-year-old has since said that she recognises her “foolish behaviour”.

The 15-second video shows the judge lifting the shot glass, and saying: ‘I neck and nominate you’ and mentions a friend’s name.

On Tuesday, the Lord Chief Justice’s Office issued a statement regarding the incident.

“The video was taken at a family event.

“Judge Watters recognises her foolish behaviour and would discourage anyone else from repeating what she did,” it said.

Ms Watters’ apology comes in the same week that two people died in the Republic of Ireland after taking part in the controversial online drinking game which has been sweeping social media in recent weeks.

There have been widespread calls to stop the Facebook game after two tragic deaths of Dublin DJ Ross Cummins, 22, and Jonny Byrne, 19, from Co Carlow.

A Northern Ireland neknominate Facebook page promoting the game was taken down after the deaths.