Jim celebrates 100th birthday with family

Jim Munroe with Mayor Margaret Tolerton
Jim Munroe with Mayor Margaret Tolerton

Dunmurry man Jim Monroe (pictured left with Mayor, Margaret Tolerton) celebrated his 100th birthday recently.

Jim, who only sold his car three years ago and was still living in his own home at Seymour Hill until recent weeks, now resides at the Faith Eventide Home.

He celebrated the occasion of his 100th birthday with family and friends.

Born on April 18, 1914 Jim, is a keen musician and former member of Finaghy Church Choir, Harlandic Choir and Seymour Hill Church Choir.

His daughter, Margaret, her husband and several other members of the family flew over from Ontario, Canada, to celebrate the event.

They met up with Jim’s son Jim Junior, at the home of another daughter, Mrs Kay Carleton.

Among the guests were President, the Rev Dr Heather Morris, and the Rev Robert Wallace.

On Easter Sunday the congregation at Seymour Hill Methodist Church welcomed Jim and his family to a service.

Mayor of Lisburn, Mrs Margaret Tolerton, met with Jim and congratulated him, and all enjoyed a slice of his birthday cake.