Hillsborough pays tribute to fallen sons

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On August 4 the people of Hillsborough paused to honour the young men of the village who sacrificed their lives during the First World War.

Hillsborough, like every other town and village throughout Northern Ireland, lost a generation of men in the Great War and 100 years later, the people of Hillsborough are determined that their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

The local historical and cultural society, the Hillsborough Old Guard, remembered the fallen in a very special way.

Local families who lost loved ones during the Great War sponsored banners, which were erected in the village to honour those who gave their lives.

Thompson Crossey, whose uncle, Oliver, was killed by a shell attack in Martensart in Ypres on his way to the frontline, said it was important that the men were never forgotten.

“I grew up knowing that my uncle had fought and died in the war.

“He was one of a group of Culcavey men who died on the day in Ypres,” explained Mr Crossey, who also served with the Air Training Force during the Second World War.

“They were in the square in Martensart waiting to go to the front when a shell exploded.

“We were only one family of many in the area that lost their son. He was twenty years of age, he hadn’t even started his life.

“A generation of men were lost then.

“It was a slaughter, it wasn’t a war and we should never let it be forgotten.”