Here’s to you Mr Robinson

Dr Eric Robinson was awarded the British Empire Medal in recognition of voluntary services within the Scouting Movement in Northern Ireland in the New Year Honours list.

Eric, 72, from Bellvue Drive is a retired Research Chemist and has been with the Scouting Movement for 54 years.

Much of his achievement has been due to the support of his wife, Irene who has been very active in various charities over the years. He met his wife when she helped out with the Sandy Row Scouting Group many years ago.

Eric is a group scout leader with the only Air Scout Movement in Northern Ireland giving young people flying experience. The unit meets at the McCracken Memorial Church Hall on the Malone Road.

Eric has been flying from an early age and has a pilot’s licence. He learned to fly in Newtownards and would often fly private planes from Aldergrove when he worked as a research scientist.

He was an Assistant Director of Research at Lambeg Industrial Research at Glenmore House for 25 years and had his own business Research QDM Laboratories at Dunmurry Industrial Estate.

Eric joined the scouts in 1952 and later became a scout leader in 1959 at the age of 18.

Eric and Irene and have two children Michael and Elizabeth, and two grandchildren.

“I have enjoyed the Scouting group it keeps you young,” said Eric who plans to receive his award in April.