Hearing aid service needs volunteers

Leading charity Action on Hearing Loss is setting up a new service - ‘Hear to Help’ Hearing Aid Support Service - in the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust area to provide practical support to people who use a hearing aid.

The charity is appealing for people who have two hours a month to spare to become a volunteer to help deliver this service.

The Hear to Help service offers advice on how to get the best out of a hearing aid, how to clean it, change the tubing and batteries and maintain it. The charity also works with families and employers to help them understand how best to communicate with someone who wears a hearing aid, and enables hearing aid users to become more confident in going about their day to day activities.

Rebecca Triffitt, South Eastern Hear to Help Coordinator says, “You don’t have to have any specialist knowledge about hearing loss or hearing aids to help.”

To find out more about volunteering ring Rebecca Triffitt, 028 9151 0136.