Rachel’s a foot expert


If you have foot problems that has a major impact on your life then no better way to resolve it than booking an appointment with Hillsborough podiatrist Rachel Murdoch.

She will solve a whole range of problems that maybe giving you bother from smelly feet, toenail problems, corns and calluses, verrucas, athlete’s foot, dry and cracked heels, flat feet or bunions.

A general treatment will consist of a thorough examination of both feet, nail cutting and filing, removal of any hard skin, calluses and corns etc.

She will offer advice on how to care for your feet in between appointments and if any other treatment is required.

A visit to her will make such a difference to your life. You will be able to do all sorts of things you couldn’t do before and you won’t be in nearly as much pain.

Rachel, a local hpc registered podiatrist is committed to providing friendly and professional podiatry/chiropody care to improve the mobility, independence and quality of life of patients.

People of all ages can make an appointment to see Rachel - young children, athletes or those suffering various systemic conditions such as diabeties, arthritis or peripheral vascular

Rachel also offers her customers routine nail care, verruca treatments, treatments for fungal infections, corn and callous removal, biomechanical assessment and orthoses.

For an appointment ring Rachel on 07789000171 or 02892683091.