People with hearing loss urged to complete survey

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National charity Action on Hearing Loss is inviting local residents with deafness and hearing loss to take part in some vital research on access to healthcare.

The survey will form a significant part of the research for an upcoming report on how accessible GP surgeries and other NHS services are.

Claire Lavery, Communications and Campaigns Manager at Action on Hearing Loss in Northern Ireland, said: “This survey is an opportunity for us to learn what people across Lisburn with deafness and hearing loss experience when trying to access healthcare.

“A lack of deaf awareness within GP surgeries, poor access to communication support and inaccessible methods of booking appointments have had profound implications for people with deafness and hearing loss. We are campaigning for an Accessible Information Standard as exists in other parts of the UK, and this research will help us build our campaign.”

A previous report released by the charity found that more than a quarter of patients with hearing loss had left their GP surgery feeling unclear about their diagnosis, and that almost half had difficulty trying to make a short-notice appointment. Action on Hearing Loss is now keen to find out if the situation has improved in Northern Ireland.

The survey can be completed online at until December 11.