Jog Lisburn hosts a nutritional advice evening


Jog Lisburn Running Club is committed to improving lifestyles through its Couch to 5K Programme and twice weekly running club sessions, and will be hosting a Nutritional talk with Vital Nutrition at The Vineyard, Haslem’s Lane Lisburn on Wednesday August 20 at 7pm.

The Club anticipates that this will be the first in a series of talks around nutrition and exercise to support improving the level of health and wellbeing of the local community and offer affordable fitness.

The guest speaker, Jane McClenaghan is a nutritional expert and regularly features on local radio station U105 and local television to share her knowledge and insights on correct food and nutrition for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The right nutrition is the first step to a healthy lifestyle and is imperative for developing your recreational fitness and running capability.

Having an awareness of practising the right fuel for your body will help boost performance, prevent injuries or infections which will set back training. Eating the right foods can promote and support a positive mental state and helping to create a better body and mind. Moderate exercise promoted by the club is known to increase the immune system however overtraining and eating a poor nutritional diet can make you more vulnerable to picking up illnesses; the evening will address nutrition for everyday wellbeing as well as sports nutrition.

The evening of August 20 plans to give attendees the insights to get this balance right and give the information they need to achieve individual fitness goals. This event is free to attend however donations for the club will be welcome. To learn more about the event please contact, as places are restricted early booking is advisable.