Harmony Hill plans anniversary events

This year is the sixtieth anniversary year of the founding of Harmony Hill Presbyterian Church and the congregation is preparing to celebrate.

In February 1954, the inaugural service was held in Lambeg Church Hall, the first ‘meeting house’ of the congregation. Later, in September 1964, the foundation stone was laid for a new church and the present building was dedicated in May 1965. So the congregation really does have something to celebrate.

At present, the working title for the overall celebration is “Our story; Your story; His story”. A ‘focus week’ is planned for the beginning of October 2014 in which a previous Assistant Minister, Rev. Charles McMullen will take a leading part.

It is hoped to have other speakers and events. An exhibition or timeline display will be prepared which illustrates the previous sixty years and will be placed in a prominent position in the Church Foyer.

Each organisation is contributing a brief synopsis of their history since they first began, with some special memories, including what they are thankful to God for. These will be published in an anniversary booklet. It is also hoped to involve the Lambeg community as a whole in the celebration.

The Church is a welcoming and vibrant church and has been for the past sixty years.