Fundraising committee thanks local people

THE Northern Ireland Hospice Hillsborough and District Committee have thanked their faithful band of collectors and all who supported the street collection in Hillsborough village on Saturday, December 15.

The sum of £910 was raised for Hospice funds.

A spokesperson for the committee said: “We would like to thank the staff of Mace in Lisburn Street for all their support.

“The Hospice is continuing to care for patients at home and during the rebuilding of a new hospice on the Summerton Road site. Patients are being cared for in Whiteabby Hospital until the new facility is ready.”

If you would like more information about supporting the work of the Hospice in your area please phone 9077 8898 or contact Nessa O’Callaghan, Chairperson Hillsborough and District Hospice Support Group on 9268 2639.