Flagpole concerns are raised over new Temple junction plan

James Baird raising this issue with Minister 'Kennedy
James Baird raising this issue with Minister 'Kennedy

Plans proposed for a new roundabout at the Temple has concerned local residents.

Ulster Unionist Councillor James Baird says he has been contacted by people worried about what will happen to the flagpole currently positioned at the Temple crossroads.

Mr Baird explained: “Within the proposals for the layout of the new roundabout Roads Service did not take into account the removal of the flagpole at the Temple or where it might be relocated after the improvements were complete.

“The Flagpole has been a feature of the Temple crossroads for many generations. It was originally erected by the residents of the Temple so that they as a community could acknowledge the key significant events and annual dates of importance.”

After raising the issue with DRD Mr Baird says Minister Kennedy and Roads Service his Department have now agreed to take on board the historical importance of this flagpole and will “consider the location of a replacement either in the centre of the new roundabout or on other suitable property at the junction”.

Mr Baird continued: “This is not the first time that Roads Service has relocated the flagpole as it was done some years ago when the current road layout was put in place.

“Whilst at the Temple concerns were drawn to the Minister’s attention that some of the business premises which currently have heavy security gates felt vulnerable as a result of the new junction proposals.

“The Minister and Roads Service have now proposed the location of barriers within the plan to help maintain the site security that currently exists.”

Mr Baird continued: “Minister Kennedy was able to confirm that two other local road improvement schemes would start within the few months.

“These are the Leverouge Road, Drumbo and the Ballynahinch road, Lisburn from it’s junction at Duneight into the 30 mph zone begins.

“Both of these improvements have been lobbied for for some time.

“I welcome Minister Kennedy’s support in bringing these project to fruition.”