Fierce reaction on Facebook in support of Ballymacash bonfire

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There was a heated reaction to last week’s story about the Ballymacash bonfire.

There were strong opinions expressed on the issue, particlarly on the Star’s Facebook page -

Commenting on Facebook, Louise Robinson said: “The only thing that seems to be right in this “story” is yes the fire did fall over.

“We as a family went to watch the fire and we watched it from the side it fell over, at no time where myself or my family at any risk.

“The fire had barriers up around it and when it fell extra barriers were put in place, if any thing Ballymacash should be praised for the fun family day they put on and the way in which the fire was handled.”

Chris Larmour said: “I was there.

“It toppled over but it was well within the crowd control barriers and no one was at risk.”

Karen McKittrick commented: “I was also there that night, yes the bonfire toppled over but not into the crowd! “People did run from it but I have to praise the organisers as they immediately put up new barriers and were very well organised.”

Debbie Cragg said: “My family came for their 1st 11/12th from England, they loved every minute commented on how well organised it was and how well our community pulled together.

“I can honestly say I was told to stand well back before it fell. I for one was proud of everyone involved.

“It was the best I’ve seen in years and the clean up job was superb! Well done Ballymacash.”

Philip Webster said: “Ballymacash bonfire has always been well run. Good craic. My five year old was there and loved it.”

James Myer responded: “I moved to Lisburn 5 yrs ago from the U.S.A and every year we watch the bonfire and this one was by far the best one we have seen.

“We stood right where it fell. No one got hurt or even close to getting hurt it was well safe the guys did a great job on the safety aspect of it.”

Marc Irvine commented: “Yes, the fire toppled, but there were barriers around the fire and the crowds were well back from it!

“Ballymacash bonfire is always well organised and the community make the visitors to the area very welcome to what is without doubt the largest and best run cultural event in Lisburn on the 11th night.”

Thomas Greer said: “I have lived in Ballymacash from I was 17 and attended the bonfire every year and did also before I moved here it has always been well organised with everyone’s safety in mind I was also at the side that it fell and no one was in any danger.”

A Facebook user commenting as ‘Lisburn Unionist’ added: “I think the newspaper has been fooled by someone just trying to cause a stir.

“This was the best bonfire I have attended in years.”

And Robbie Patterson added: “Loyalist Ballymacash has and always will have the support of the local community.”