Extra patrols in Milltown to address antisocial behaviour

A 17-year-old male was arrested by police in Lisburn on Tuesday evening, on suspicion of possession of a weapon in a public place, disorderly behaviour and obstructing police.

The arrest followed reports before 10pm in Milltown Avenue area of anti-social behaviour by a group of youths and reports of damage being caused to cars by youths using sticks and bats. One car had its rear windscreen smashed as a result.

The teenager was later released on bail pending further enquiries

Local Inspector Peter Brannigan has asked for the support of parents in ensuring the Easter Holidays are enjoyable and incident free for all residents,

“Police will be implementing patrols in the area over the Easter period, paying specific attention to areas where antisocial behaviour has been reported previously,” he said.

“I am asking parents to help by making sure they know where there children are.

“We know the impact antisocial behaviour has on communities but we also know that many young people genuinely don’t believe they are doing anything wrong.”