Strong opinions over Bow Street

Bow Street Lisburn.
Bow Street Lisburn.

The new surface that is being installed in Bow Street has certainly sparked a fierce reaction on Facebook.

Most people believe this is far from an improvement on what had been in place and many think the whole scheme is a waste of money.

“It’s a disgrace. My nanny fell last week outside were the Tescos is gonna be,” said Leona Kelly Jamison.

“I was on crutches and they were slipping all over the place so I went home rather than risk breaking my neck,” said Nicola Totten.

Winnie McGhee commented: “Worse than ever. Not worth the hassle or money. Complete waste of money.”

Carl Oakes said: “There are dips in the surface which are not visible and while they are only small, I jolted my back when I unexpectedly stepped down one.”

Dawn McAllister observed: “Its no different to the surfaces in Belfast city centre....loads of people have slipped and fell on them when they are wet.”

Elizabeth Murray said: “yes i agree it is very slippery why did they change it? I saw an elderly woman who had fallen and hit a window she had blood from her nose and facial injuries from hitting a shop window.”

Jackie Donegan agreed: “It is slippery now it was a waste of money the place was ok the way it was.” Ian Currie commented: “Seen a few kids running and holding my breath as they don’t see the dips , someone is going to hurt themselves badly young or old , all that money and work to make the town look dirtier than before.”

There are also real concerns about how the surface will react to the winter weather. “As the surface in bow street is not only slippy but uneven. It would also be of interest who people will claim from when their are broken legs and arms this winter. I dread to think what it will be like when the frost and snow comes.”

A lot of people are also expressing the view that the money could have been better spent elsewhere.