‘Noise Mapping’ for Drumbeg

ROADS Service have agreed to carry out a ‘Noise Mapping Study’ in the Drumbeg area following concerns from local residents about the increase in noise from the nearby motorway.

A spokesperson for Roads Service confirmed that the M1 Motorway in the vicinity of Drumbeg has been assessed under the ‘Noise Mapping Study’.

“The assessment has identified Sandy Hill and Greenvale for further examination as potential Candidate Noise Management Areas, in line with the requirements of the Environmental Noise Regulations (NI) 2006,” he explained.

“The study is at a very early stage and these further examinations will include identification of potential mitigation measures.

“The outcome of the deliberations will be subject to a Consultation process which is planned for Spring 2013.”

Lagan Valley MLA Paul Givan welcomed news that Sandy Hill and Greenvale will be further examined.

“This issue was brought to our attention earlier this year and we have been working to support those in the Drumbeg area who suffer from extensive noise from the motorway,” said Mr Givan.

“The Minister previously made an undertaking to have this location considered as part of the Roads Noise Action Plan under the Environmental Noise Pollution Directive and we lobbied him further about this issue.

“We pressed the Minister to give consideration for the prioritisation of Drumbeg specifically under the Noise Action Plan. The completion of this study has indicated that two areas may require further examination.

“Sandy Hill and Greenvale will be addressed for further mitigating factors in a consultation exercise that will take place in spring 2013.”

Local councillor Uel Mackin added: “It is pleasing that following a Ministerial meeting there was a need to prioritise this scheme in Drumbeg in order to alleviate the many concerns we have received.

“While it will be some time before the final outcome of the study is known, a positive step has been taken to address these noise concerns by way of identifying some of the problem areas.

“I am hopeful that if these issues are found in the consultation, Roads Service must act to reduce the noise facing residents,” he concluded,