New dog bins urgently needed along towpath

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There has been a call for more dog bins to be installed along the towpath in the Lisburn area.

The towpath between Lisburn and Hilden and between Moira Train Station and Aghalee are popular routes for dog walkers but there have been numerous complaints that responsible owners have nowhere to deposit their dog bags whilst on route.

Local councillor Alexander Repath, who has successfully lobbied Lisburn City Council to install an additional dog bin in the Culcavey area, has said the provision needs to be extended down the length of the towpath.“The Lagan towpath is a fabulous resource for the local community,” said Mr Redpath. “I know many families who regularly use the towpath for exercise and dog walking. Sadly the provision of dog waste bins is inadequate.

“The Council recently met with the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure and the Rivers Agency who have responsibility for the towpath. It was agreed that a larger dog waste bin would be installed at the Soldierstown car park. It was also agreed that new signage would be installed and the situation would be regularly monitored.

“As someone who regularly uses the towpath I think the time has come to install new dog bins along the length of the towpath to help responsible dog owners dispose of waste properly.

“The council provides several bins on the Lagan Valley Island which can be used for dog waste. However the wider area around the civic centre is not within our responsibility. This area falls under the control of the Lagan Valley Regional Park.

“I have contacted the regional park and asked them to consider the provision of dog bins along the Lagan Valley footpath. I think it’s really important that we encourage dog owners to enjoy the footpath and the area around the civic centre. However as most dog owners are responsible and wish to dispose of their waste properly we should make it as easy as possible to do the right thing.”