Community tackle dog fouling issue

Councillor Yvonne Craig with Harmony Hill Community Group
Councillor Yvonne Craig with Harmony Hill Community Group

The community in Harmony Hill have taken to the streets to tackle the messy problem of dog fouling.

Harmony Hill Community Group have undertaken a campaign to reduce dog fouling and promote responsible dog ownership in the Harmony Hill and surrounding area.

The group gathered to distribute dog poop bags and information on how to report dog fouling offenders.

Donna Hancock, Chairperson of Harmony Hill Community Group said: “Dog fouling continues to be a major problem in and around the Harmony Hill area.

“It is antisocial and those that fail to pick up display a disregard for other people, pubic health and the environment.

“It is every dog owners’ responsibility to pick up after their pet and put the bagged mess in a bin.”

The community group were joined by Lisburn Councillor Yvonne Craig to launch the campaign.

“Dog fouling is a problem that I have been trying to combat by placing poo bags in the local shops so that if anyone needs one they can get one for free in the Co-op Belsize Road or Shane’s store Skyline Drive,” she said.

“It has helped also by having stickers on all the bins to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dog.

“I have two dogs and if I can manage to pick up after two then anyone can manage to pick up after one dog.

“I would encourage and stress to all dog owners that its their dog so its their job.

“The council provide poo bags free of charge if anybody wants to go just ask.”