Celebrations at Beechlawn

Pictures for Beechlawn School feature. US1426-504cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Pictures for Beechlawn School feature. US1426-504cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

There have been celebrations at Beechlawn School in Hillsborough after the school received an ‘outstanding’ inspection report.

The school was given a glowing report from the Inspectorate and principal, Mrs Barbara Green, said she was absolutely delighted at the recognition the school had received.

In the report, the inspectorate praised the positive attitude of the pupils, saying they were “motivated and engage enthusiastically with the learning. They interact confidently and respectfully with each other during well-planned paired and group work.”

The principal and leadership team at the school was also recognised, as the inspectorate commented: “The principal provides outstanding leadership and in her four years of leading the school she has developed a clear strategic vision that has been shared, discussed and agreed with staff, governors and parents.”

The report also acknowledged how much the parents appreciated the work of the school. “The parents value the progress made by their children and the kind and supportive ethos throughout the school,” stated the report.

The Board of Governors were also delighted with the report. Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Denis Nightingale said: “It came as no surprise because we have known how good the staff and pupils are and have been over many years. It is very rewarding for us to get this recognition by the inspectorate of the good work that we know has been going on at the school. It is very, very rare for a school to get an ‘outstanding’ in all categories and we are doubly delighted by that.”

Councillor Alexander Redpath, who serves on the Board of Governors, said: “This is a truly outstanding report and a testimony to the hard work of staff, pupils and parents. Beechlawn is very proud of the education we provide to our pupils and this report is the latest in a series of accolades attesting to the quality of the education provided here. In particular the addition of our sixth form will allow us to cater for a greater range of pupils.”

Another governor, Councillor Uel Mackin, also added his congratulations, praising the hard work of both staff and pupils at the school.