DUP look forward to massive changes

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Whilst we approach the end of another year we look forward to a New Year that will bring forth massive changes in our city.

Work has begun on the public realm in the City Centre and by this time next year it should be near completion.

It is our hope that this will encourage footfall and new business in this part of the city. We look forward to some big events we have help secure such as the Freedom of the City for youth organisations and the 50th Anniversary of Lisburn’s Borough status.

As a DUP group we will continue to roll out the new and improved play areas across our city to complement those already in place such as Anahilt, Ravarnet and Stoneyford. The new council mergers following the election in May 2014 will create new challenges but also provide better opportunities for all our citizens. Our DUP group is renowned for keeping rates low and providing value for money across all our services we will continue our hard work to ensure this is achieved. Our 15 councillors are available and only too happy to help constituents on any issue and we trust 2014 will be a better year for Lisburn and all its residents.