DNA advance in 1984 Lisburn baby discovery

The discovery scene at Legacurry Road, Lisburn.
The discovery scene at Legacurry Road, Lisburn.

Detectives from Serious Crime Branch investigating the suspicious death of a baby in Lisburn in 1984 are making a renewed appeal for information on the 30th anniversary of the incident.

The appeal for the boy’s parents to come forward is being renewed as detectives work to obtain a match for a DNA profile they have secured.

The baby boy’s body was discovered on the banks of the River Lagan at Legacurry Road, Lisburn on February 21 1984. It was found by a woman walking her dog.

The baby had been placed in a green plastic bag. A post mortem examination found that he was born live but had died as a result of head injuries.

Detectives have made a number of inquiries to try to identify and locate the boy’s parents. The most recent of these have included work to obtain a DNA profile which would assist with identification.

Detective Chief Inspector David Cunningham, from Serious Crime Branch, said: “We have obtained a DNA profile and efforts are being made to match this with samples on the DNA database. Our investigative work will continue and with advances in forensic science we are hopeful of making further progress.

“If you know or suspect who the parents are, then let us know and we can carry out a forensic comparison. But the best way of reaching an informed resolution to our investigation would be for the boy’s parents or anyone who has information, suspicions or concerns about the circumstances of his birth and his untimely death 30 years ago to come forward and talk to police.

“I am sure someone knows what happened in this case. It is first and foremost a tragedy. The boy would be a 30-year-old man today, perhaps with a family of his own.

“As it is, he is a baby with no name, no family and no history. We owe it to this child to do everything we possibly can to determine the circumstances surrounding his death.

“If you are one of the parents of this baby boy and you have been wrestling with your conscience for the past 30 years, then this is an opportunity for you to do something positive about it.

“I would also ask anyone with information, even after 30 years, to be true to themselves and to the memory of this baby boy and talk to us.

The number to call is 02890 700 727 or 07585 22 82 83.”