Disgusted by horrid attack

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A neighbourhood watch scheme could be in the pipeline for Beechdene Gardens and Pond Park area after vandals targeted up to 25 homes and cars in an early morning paint spray attack on Saturday.

In one incident purple paint was sprayed entirely over a resident’s car, number plates were covered as well as graffiti on windows, fences and garage doors.

One resident said that he only found out about the attack when police came to his door at 8am.

Councillor Yvonne Craig, visited the area to hand out leaflets encouraging residents to start up a neighbourhood watch scheme.

She described the attack, which happened on Saturday between 4am and 6am, as senseless and random.

“These were random attacks on 25 cars and homes using spray paint,” she said. “There were also obscenities on doors and windows.”

Councillor Craig appealed to anyone who may have been in the area to ring the police.

She said that as a member of the Policing, Community and Safety Partnership (PCSP) she will be putting pressure on the local PSNI to increase patrols in the area and also for the speedy resolution and bringing to justice those ‘anti-social animals who perpetrated these mindless acts of vandalism’.

“I would also encourage participation in the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme,” she said. “I have started to consult with the residents with a view to the commencement of or joining with a nearby scheme.

“This is a quiet, peaceful and family area of Lisburn, one resident stated that in his 50 years living in his house, he had never experienced anything like this before.

“I hope and pray that the culprits are caught and that nothing like this ever happens again in this lovely residential area.”

Lagan Valley Assembly Member Paul Givan also condemned the attack.

“I grew up in this area and it is a quiet residential area with young families and older people living peacefully together,” he said.

“To carry out this wanton vandalism is a mindless act that causes upset to the people affected and financial costs to repair the damage caused.

“I would encourage anyone that witnessed this incident to contact the police and help them with their investigation.”

Police said a 14-year-old boy was being questioned about the damage.