Disabled toilets closed on market day

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The wife of a local man was left distressed after her husband was unable to find an easily accessible public toilet in the Historic Quarter of Lisburn City Centre.

Edith Porter, whose husband had recently undergone surgery, was annoyed that the disabled toilet in Castle Gardens was closed last Tuesday (July 22).

“My husband is just out of hospital getting a pacemaker fitted and is on fluid tablets,” explained Mrs Porter.

“We went into town but he was in desperate need of the toilet. We went to Castle Gardens and he was really upset to find the disabled toilets locked.

“He tried the mens toilet but it was closed as well.

“We couldn’t get into the museum because of the work going on and ended up having to go home.”

Mrs Porter said it was unacceptable that the toilets were closed, particularly on market day, and that Lisburn was in need of further, easily accessible toilets for people to use.

“I tried to contact the council about it and got passed about from pillar to post,” continued Mrs Porter.

“I eventually got through to someone in Environmental Health but I am still waiting to hear back from them.

“The town was busy that day and I’m sure if we had this experience, then other people may have had the same problem.”

A spokesperson for Lisburn City Council insisted the male and female toilets at Castle Gardens were open, although it was acknowledged that the disabled toilets had to be closed for a time for maintenance.

The council also said the museum remained open during the ongoing public realm work that is being carried out in the city centre.

“Last Tuesday the disabled toilet in Castle Gardens was closed for maintenance, which is regrettable but was a necessity,” she said.

“The male and female toilets in Castle Gardens were open at this time.

“With regards the Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum this facility always has access including during the ongoing public realm works so its toilets are available to shoppers if required.”