Derriaghy mother saves her mum’s life thanks to her sons

A Derriaghy mother of three has her two sons to thank for helping save their grandmother’s life after she had a heart attack last year.

Pauline Miller, Killeaton, saved her mother Sheila Osborne’s life with the help of her sons Eoin and Sam who were later given bravery awards by the Ambulance Service.

Pauline was forced to perform CPR on mum Sheila (67) while her sons called the emergency services.

The drama unfolded when Sheila unexpectedly took a heart attack and fell to the floor in her daughter’s kitchen in June last year.

Sheila had arrived at 10.40am to see her daughter and grandchildren Eoin (9), Sam (6) and Conor (18 months).

Within ten minutes of calling Sheila was fighting for her life while Pauline and her sons did what they could to save her.

Pauline noticed her mother, who was making tea in the kitchen, looking rather tired and pale. Pauline asked her if she was alright but was told she was fine.

Pauline was browsing through photographs while the boys were watching tv when suddenly and unexpectedly Sheila fell to the floor.

“We were in the kitchen talking when I noticed mummy on her way down,” said Pauline.

“She just dropped. At first I thought she had fainted. She did not scream in pain or was holding her chest.

“She turned purple. I knew this was serious.”

Instantly the boys rang the emergency services, while Pauline aided her mother.

“She was exhaling but was making no effort to breathe,” said Pauline.

“I kept telling her that she was not going anywhere. The only place she was going was to the hospital.”

Pauline checked for a pulse and when she found nothing then attempted CPR.

“In the boys school at St Colman’s in Lambeg there has been a lot of talk about heart awareness,” she said.

“Martina Hughes and Mr Kernan have been raising money for defibrillators. I watched Holby City and ER and saw CPR being done many times.”

The operator was instructing the boys who relayed messages to their mother.

“Everyone was very calm - we just worked as a team,” said Pauline. “They were even able to hold the phone to my ear and tell me what to do.”

When the paramedics arrived they praised the boys for their actions. They shocked Sheila twice before taking her away to the hospital.

“I was told later that I had only ten minutes to save mums life,” said Pauline. “I was working on her for nine before the crews arrived.”

Later it was discovered Sheila, who had an operation at the Royal, suffered a clot to an artery.