Man accused of making nuisance calls

Antrim Courthouse.
Antrim Courthouse.

An habitual 999 phone pest was back in court on Tuesday, July 18 accused of improper use of a communications network.

Standing in the dock of Antrim Magistrates Court, 26-year-old Stephen Brown confirmed his personal details and that he understood the two charges against him.

Brown, from Cairn Walk in Crumlin, faces two counts of the persistent and improper use of a public telecommunications network “to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety” on June 25 and 26 this year.

Although none of the surrounding circumstances were opened in court, a police officer testified that she believed she could connect the defendant to the offences.

Freed on bail, District Judge Liam McNally ordered Brown to come back to court on August 1 “and let us know if you are pleading guilty or not guilty.”

Previous courts have heard that Brown has breached an ASBO barring him from calling the emergency services more than 20 times.

Amongst his catalogue of previous offences, Brown once made two nuisance calls on Christmas Day 2014, drunkenly claiming he was American pop star Nicki Minaj and that he believed there was a poltergeist in his home during one call while in the other, made five minutes later, that two men were coming to kill him.