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A LISBURN man has been hailed a hero after apprehending an alleged thief who tried to steal money from an elderly woman in Bow Street last Friday.

The local man was in the city with his girlfriend when he got caught up in a chase to catch a man suspected of stealing from an elderly woman in Bow Street.

“The thief was part of a gang of three men that had earlier been spotted driving a red Dublin registered Rover 25 in the town centre, acting suspiciously,” explained Ryan O’Connor.

“The elderly female victim had just withdrawn money from the ATM when a male approached her and wrestled £200 from her.

“He made off through Green’s supermarket and onto Smithfield Square.

“I was just going for some dinner in town with my girlfriend, Fiona, when I spotted a middle-aged local man in a blue coat chasing the thief.

“After the thief had passed me, the local man shouted for me to get him.

“I figured it was a theft in progress so sprinted after the man, who ran into Lisburn bus station.

“He was clearly not local as he obviously didn’t realise he was running towards the police station.”


Ryan continued: “The suspect tried to climb the 12ft fence into the church behind the bus station.

“I grabbed onto his leg and he tried to kick me in the face but I was ready and dodged him.

“I pulled him off the fence and told him he was caught and there was nowhere to go.

“He spun and tried to punch me in the face.

“I blocked him and restrained him before the middle aged male appeared and told me the male had just robbed a woman at an ATM.

“I took the suspect into Lisburn bus station where there would be witnesses and CCTV and asked a couple of teenagers to pat the suspect down to make sure he wasn’t carrying a knife.

“They were very good and helped out. Within a few seconds, the police were everywhere.

“It was great to see such a good response and full credit to the Police Service for their response.

“Full credit to the middle-aged man too, if it hadn’t been for him, the thief might have got away,” added Ryan.

The police confirmed that a 21-year-old man appeared at Lisburn Magistrates Court on Saturday, November 3, charged with theft.