Givan calls for ‘dodgy fuel’ list

Lagan Valley MLA Paul Givan says the public should be able to see a list of filling-stations found guilty of selling illegal fuel.

The DUP’s Mr Givan, chairman of the Assembly’s Justice Committee, has called on the Justice Minister to liaise with HMRC to ensure a better approach to improving public confidence.

“There must be a mechanism put in place,” he said, “that allows the public to be aware of those filling-stations in their area which have been found guilty of selling dodgy fuel.

“The information is published when a trader is prosecuted but it is high time people were given full clarity on the specific filling-stations involved in this illegal behaviour.

“Fuel laundering is a plague on society and an issue the public is becoming increasingly impatient with. Tax revenue is being lost and cars are being damaged. The DUP continues to question what legislative basis blocks such fraudsters being published on a single list.

Both in the Assembly and at Westminster, DUP representatives will be seeking these answers.”