Fly tipping putting council staff at risk

Fly-tipping across Lisburn is continuing to waste valuable rate payers’ money and is putting council workers at risk says an Alliance Party candidate.

Aaron McIntyre, a candidate for Downshire East in the forthcoming council elections, has received telephone calls from concerned residents in Drumbo regarding illegal dumping at Jacob’s Ladder. He also uncovered a fly-tipping site whilst out cycling on the Legacurry Road, Ravarnet.

He said: “The Alliance team have been working with Environmental Services to get both sites cleared, but court proceedings may be necessary as the waste at Ravarnet was dumped on private land.”

However he says he will continue to liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure the waste is removed.

Mr McIntyre added: “It is a disgrace that people are willing to destroy the local environment in this way. The Ravarnet fly-tipping site is in close proximity to the Ravarnet River and therefore risks polluting the river which only last year suffered a massive fish kill due to slurry entering the river course.

“If you find a fly-tipping site do not disturb it as the waste may be hazardous and it could potentially contain evidence that may help obtain convictions. I would stress to residents that if they witness any suspicious activity, note the vehicle make, model and registration and contact the police. If you have waste you need to dispose of, please do it responsibly at either of the council’s facilities.”