Dog owner is jailed for animal neglect

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A local man and woman have admitted neglecting a German Shepherd dog that was supposed to be in their care.

Mr John Joseph McGregor and Ms Amy Wade of Kesh Road, Maze, Lisburn appeared before Lisburn Magistrates Court in connection with charges brought against them by Lisburn City Council under the Welfare of Animals Act (NI) 2011.

The charges related to a German Shepherd dog that was reported to the Animal Welfare Service as abandoned at a vacant property formerly inhabited by the two parties.

Mr McGregor and Ms Wade both pleaded guilty to the charges against them namely, abandoning the dog, causing unnecessary suffering to the dog, and failing to take reasonable steps to ensure that the needs of the dog were met to the extent required by good practice.

The dog was found to be in an extreme state of malnourishment.

The dog was certified by a vet to be in a very poor condition, described as being emaciated with prominent spine, ribs and hips.

Ms Wade was sentenced at Lisburn Magistrates Court on July 31 whereby she received a 12 month Probation Order, she was disqualified from keeping animals for a period of two years and was deprived of owning two terrier type dogs currently in her possession. Ms Wade was also ordered to pay costs of £740.17.

Mr McGregor was sentenced on August 11 at Lisburn Magistrates Court whereby he received a custodial sentence for one month, he was disqualified from keeping animals for a period of five years and also ordered to pay costs totalling £740.17.