Concern over youth event at the Glen

Ann Marie at the Glen
Ann Marie at the Glen

Up to 15 underage drinkers, some as young as 13, were caught by police at a planned gathering at the Crumlin Glen on Easter Monday, according to a local councillor.

They were part of a gang who arrived for an event, thought to be either a party or fight, that had been advertised on Facebook days previous.

A huge gathering was expected but according to reports only 30 turned up.

When police, who had been keeping a watchful eye on developments, arrived at the planned event they made 15 referrals.

Sinn Fein councillor Anne Marie Logue praised the police, community representatives and wardens for their actions and intervention.

“Thankfully the gathering was not as large as what was expected,” said Mrs Logue.

“We were working closely with the local police who must be praised for their intervention and actions.

“They got wind of this gathering at the Glen and nipped it in the bud.

“What concerned us was why were these people coming to the Glen?

“These people were not from the area. We heard that it was for either a fight or party. These children were not from the Crumlin area but instead from Glenavy and Belfast.

“We were concerned that this gathering would create issues at the Glen.”

Mrs Logue said that days before the event, she had been contacted about anti social behaviour in the Glen.

“Last Thursday, a walker contacted me,” said Mrs Logue.

“She had been walking through the Glen when she was struck by a three litre bottle that had been thrown at her.

“The woman is a regular walker in the Glen and she was taken by surprise by what had happened.

“Thankfully due to the pro-active approach the gathering on Easter Monday was not as bad as what was expected. It is alarming that this happened in Crumlin. Thankfully it was nipped in the bud and nothing much came of it. It could have been a lot worse,

“What my concern is that this could happen again. I would ask anyone who knows who are organising these events to contact the police.”

She urged anyone who has useful information to contact the police.

“It is something that the community need to keep an eye on,” she said. “Parents need to know where their children are and if parents don’t know then why not.

“Parents are legally obliged to know where they are.”