Craig welcomes fuel poverty club project for area

Councillor Yvonne Craig has welcomed confirmation that a Fuel Club project to help with fuel poverty has been given the go ahead.

It is hoped the fuel club will be up and running by October 1 just in time for winter.

Mrs Craig said: “There is a lot of setting up and signing up to be carried out over the summer. The fuel club will only function if consumers sign up and oil distributers sign up also. The benefits to the oil companies are guaranteed whole street or almost whole street deliveries therefore saving them delivery costs and the benefits to the consumer are lower prices for smaller amounts of fuel.”

Mrs Craig has single-handedly been campaigning for this for over a year. It has been her mission to wipe out fuel poverty among the vulnerable, elderly and low income families in Lisburn and although she was not elected in May 2014, she felt that this can be her legacy not only in Lisburn but also in the new Super Council Lisburn and Castlereagh.

She explained that adverts will appear to promote the project and details will be on the council’s website.