Councillor to quiz Minister on charges

Lisburn Councillor Alexander Redpath is to meet Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy regarding parking charges in Lisburn City Council.

Under the reform of public administration powers to set charges over off street car parks is being devolved to the new Lisburn/Castlereagh Council. Councillor Redpath requested the meeting with the Minister to discuss the possibility of devolving these charges early. “Lisburn residents are very concerned about the success of the city centre,” said Mr Redpath. “My number one priority as a councillor is to restore prosperity to Lisburn and the wider area. I believe powers over off street parking charges will become a significant measure by which we can regenerate the city centre. Consequently I am keen to see these powers devolved as early as possible. There are 681 DRD off street car parking spaces in Lisburn and a further 57 in Hillsborough. Strategically targeting lower rates could benefit city centre traders and I am keep to explore the matter.”

Ulster Unionist Council candidate for Lisburn South Tim Mitchell added: “In the coming weeks and months we will be looking at more business and retail friendly initiatives.”